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The Campaign Manual
Campaign Organizational Roles

Campaign Organizational Roles

Campaign Roles -  Defined, Explained, Understood  

The Advisory (steering) Committee
The Area Chairperson(s)
The Assistant Treasurer
The Campaign Chairperson(s)
The Campaign Manager
The Campaign Secretary
The Campaign Treasurer
The Candidate
The Candidate’s Spouse and Family
The Direct Mail / Computer Company
The Director of Volunteers
The Driver / Aide
The Field Operations Committee
The Field Operations Director
The Finance Committee
The Finance Committee Chairperson(s)
The Finance Director
The Media Secretary
The Phone Bank Supervisors
The Phone Bank Volunteer
The Political Campaign Consultant
The Political Fund-raising Consultant
The Political Media Consultant
The Political Polling Consultant
The Precinct Captain
The Print and Graphics Company
The Regional Chairperson
The Research Chairperson
The Research Committee
The Research Director


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