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The Campaign Manual
Campaign Management Definitions

A-B Actuality
Advisory (steering) Committee
Advance Person
Arbitron Rating
Average / Above Average Voters
C Campaign Strategy
Candidate Do’s & Don’ts
Career History
Centers of Influence
Civic History
Coattail Effect
D Dateline
District Demographics
District Economic Characteristics
District Geographic Characteristics
District Voting Characteristics
E Earmarked Contribution
Economic Characteristics
Election Regulations
Emotional Characteristics
F Favorability Rating
Feasibility Survey
Field Operations Committee
Finance Committee
Financial Constraints
Financial Resources
Five on Five Organizational Plan
"Franking" Privilege
Fund-raising Event (major)
Fund-raising Event (minor)
G Geographic Characteristics
Generalist (Political Campaign Consultant)
GRP Rating
H Host Home
I-J Independent Expenditures
Intellectual Characteristics
K-L "Klatsches" (coffee)
M Media Characteristics
Media File
Multiplier Effect (fund-raising)
N Name ID Rating
O Opponents
Other Races
PACs (Political Action Committees)
Personal History
Personnel Resources
Phone Volunteer Supplies
Physical Characteristics
PIPS Analysis
Political Fund-raising Multiplier Effect
Precinct Objectives
Precinct Prioritizing
Prospect File
Press (Media) Kit
Press Releases
Pyramid Effect
R Radio Actuality
Reverse Gambit
Run of the Station (ROS)
S Scheduling - Outside Appearance
Congressional District
Legislative Campaigns
Local Campaigns
Rural District
Semi-rural District
Urban/Suburban District
Staff (campaign)
Support File
T-U Time Constraints
V-Z Voting Characteristics

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