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Political Columns by Winning Campaigns and Allan Bonner
Table of Contents

Foreword i
Preface iii
Caring, Knowledge and Empathy 1
Honest Bob Stanfield was a Class Act All the Way 5
Scary Hillary 9
Research Design Issues 13
Democracy Worked for Both Sides 21
Image Can Make the Difference Between Winning and Losing 27
$$$ Makes the Political World Go Around But Proper
Technique Brings the Dollars In 33
“Pressing the Flesh” Vital Part of Campaigning 37
Speechwriters Play a Major Role in Communicating but the
Candidate Must Always Have the Last Word 41
Style, Not Always Substance, the Key to Debate Victory 45
Convergence 49
Churchill 55
Diplomats 59
Networking 63
Julius Caesar 67
Staying on Track 71
Specifics 75
Party Time at the US Consulate 79
Hamlet 83
Humor in Speeches 89
A Cultural Federal Bureaucrat, Bernie Ostry was
One of a Kind 93
‘Don’t Make up Any New Words’ 97
Lunches with Wolves 99
Premiers Should Never Drive 103
Pulling the Rug Over Their Eyes 107
Stronach Should have Debated her Opponents 111
Getting Out the Vote 115
Anamatics 117
Negativity 121
The Digital Divide 123
Focus Groups 127
Making the Best of Media Interviews 131
Pugnacious Pierre—Trudeau 139
Controlling the Crisis Climate 143
Mastering the Public Platform 149
Mechanics of Media Relations 155
President Clinton’s Hard Work 163
Interview Tips from the Campaign Trail 165
The Top Ten Lessons Learned in the Canadian Election 171
Ad Hominem 175
Epilogue 179
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Table of Contents
Political Columns by Winning Campaigns and Allan Bonner
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